Saturday, March 22, 2014

Galway property market improving for Sales - Encouraging news for homeowners!!

As we are all probably aware, there has been a definite shift in the property market over the past 6/12 months and we have seen prices in Galway rise slightly, but what is more encouraging is that people have started to buy again.  Granted, a large degree of the properties are sold to investors at auction and have achieved over the AMV, which is very encouraging.  In certain areas of Galway, prices have risen by quite a large margin.  Please see attached extract from the Irish Property Register, which shows prices from 2010 to date in the Knocknacarra area.  It is very evident that there has been a big jump in the last 6 months and this is very good news for property owners who have been hesitating to put their property on the market for the past 6 years.  If properties are marketed at the correct value, there is no reason now not to sell.  If anybody would like information on selling their property, we would be delighted to offer our years of expertise.  We are currently offering a discount in our fees, reducing them to 1% of the sale price (most other auctioneers are charging in the region of 1.5% to 2%), which offers a significant saving. Please call Yvonne on 086 226 1018 for a free valuation and confidential advice on your property.  For more information see: Link to page here*knocknacarra*%20AND%20%5Bdc_county%5D=%22Galway%22&County=Galway&Year=&StartMonth=&EndMonth=&Address=knocknacarra

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